Community Happenings

Steamboat Little Givers 2023


This is an ongoing kids community project with a goal of encouraging our youngest citizens to understand what if means to give and to be a part of a community.  Dusky will have group projects throughout the year and will also offer monthly ideas for kids to do in their spare time.  These projects will be simple but impactful and will follow the themes of Time, Treasure and Talent.  Check in on our site as we update our monthly giving projects and follow us on IG @Steamboat_Little_Givers for ongoing information.

January Giving Theme: Treasure

“Giving treasures means giving resources that can help others who need them. What are the things, or treasures, that are important to your kids? Anyone who shares their treasures can be a philanthropist. In addition to the treasures in your life, what other treasures do people give? How can our treasures help others and the community?”


Ideas for Treasure projects:

  • Go through your old toys and donate to Lift Up
  • Donate gently used books to the Library
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Start a new giving jar to collect money all year long for your favorite non profit


January Group Project: Kindness Jars! We have a big ‘ol jar at Dusky Grouse Coffee that’s been collecting ideas from the community for small acts of kindness.  Think simple, kid-friendly ideas like write a thank you card for a police officer, bake cookies for a neighbor, etc.  At the end of the January we will collect all the ideas and print them out.  Steamboat Little Givers can come by and pick up copies of all the ideas and make their very own Kindness Jars at home.  Throughout the year, the kids can randomly draw from the Kindness Jar if they are feeling like giving or looking for inspiration.


Ongoing Projects

Coming soon!

Dusky Grouse Mental Health Book Club

Our mental health book club is aimed to create space for honest discussion about our mental health and each of our journeys in finding our way in the world.  This is an AUTHENTIC and proactive approach to mental health in our community- meaning we are not therapists or psychiatrists.  We are all humans living in an ever changing world that challenges our perceptions of self worth, happiness and the truth. Through this group, we hope to lift each other up, learn about ourselves and our community and thrive together.  These sessions are all FREE, open to everyone and do not require any kind of RSVP.

Fall Session:

Braiding Sweetgrass, By Robin Wall Kimmerer

Drawing on her life as an indigenous scientist, a mother, and a woman, Kimmerer shows how other living beings—asters and goldenrod, strawberries and squash, salamanders, algae, and sweetgrass—offer us gifts and lessons, even if we’ve forgotten how to hear their voices. In a rich braid of reflections that range from the creation of Turtle Island to the forces that threaten its flourishing today, she circles toward a central argument: that the awakening of a wider ecological consciousness requires the acknowledgment and celebration of our reciprocal relationship with the rest of the living world. For only when we can hear the languages of other beings will we be capable of understanding the generosity of the earth, and learn to give our own gifts in return.

Oct 2nd, 10am-12pm, discussing first quarter

Oct 16th, 10am-12pm, discussing second quarter

Oct 30th, 10am-12pm, discussing third quarter

Nov 13th, 10am-12pm, discussing final quarter