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Steamboat Little Givers

This is an ongoing year long program to get kids involved with our community with a goal of FUN and learning.  Throughout the year, we will be completing weekly philanthropy projects focused on helping to better our community.  That’s right, WEEKLY!  Each little giver will be challenged to complete 52 projects throughout 2022!!!  This seems like a huge undertaking, but we believe in the power of motivated kids. Projects will be small (writing a thank you card to a police officer, donating a toy, clean up a trail, etc), but consistent.

We have some ideas of projects, but we are also putting this into the hands of the kids.  During our once a month meetings they will have the opportunity to discuss ideas for the next month’s projects.  These project will be geared for kids ages 4-11, but please don’t let this limit you. We would love photos of your completed projects and your kids actively participating! If you are ok with us sharing your kids photos, please email them to

January’s projects:

  1. Create a Giving Bank and choose a non profit you’d like to raise money for throughout the year.  Participating Local Non-Profits We will donate our funds together on Yampa Valley Gives Day (December 2022), but if you’d like to raise money for a non-profit outside of our county, please feel free to do so! Pick something that’s important to your kid and your family.
  2. Donate to the Boulder Fire (Marshall Fire) Relief efforts.  DONATE
  3. Write a thank you card or give a gift to a firefighter.  You can make one for the Boulder Fire or local fire department.  Drop off all cards/gifts at Dusky Grouse and we’ll deliver them all together at the end of the month.
  4. Make a bird feeder, faerie/critter home!  Links for ideas will be posted soon!



Thanks for all of those who participated in our book club! We learned a lot, made lasting connections with the community and also added some yummy menu items at DGC! Stay tuned for our next Mental Health Book Club!

Dusky Grouse Book Club


Winter Session:
This is Your Brain on Food, by Uma Naidoo

We are partnering with Natural Grocers to discuss the book, This is Your Brain on Food by Uma Naidoo.

In this 4 part series we’ll  explore ways we can support our mental health in a proactive and intentional way.

We will be providing small samples of food or drinks that support the ideas of the reading as well.

This is a FREE SERIES!